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Mother and Child Individual and Family Portraits

Photographic Images has been doing individual and family portraits since 1981. We have over 28 years of experience making people and family look good! Whether the photo is of just you or your entire family, we can do it! With us, your photo session can range from the formal studio look, to the casual outdoors feeling. So what is your personality? What type of photograph would you like to do? Lets do it! Remember, "Itís more than just an image" itís you!

Executive Portrait Executive Portraits

As the old saying goes, "you have only one chance to make a great first impression." How do you make that first impression? People want to feel comfortable and confident with the person they choose to do business with. Look around you, most every one is including a photo of themselves on business cards, in ads or on the wall. It helps to make your first impression by adding a more personal touch and lets them know how you are. Itís your first impression! That is why Photographic Images has developed the Executive Portrait Session. After all "Itís more than just an image" itís your first impression!

Weddings Weddings

Photographic Images has bean photographing weddings since 1981. Starting our photography business in San Diego has given us the experience and know how that canít be matched. Each bride is special and unique and we know that! That is one reason we view our wedding photography packages as starting points and customize each package to our bridesí wants and desires. Remember "itís more than just an image" itís memories of the greatest day in your life!

Special Events Special Event Photography

Whether itís a dance, awards banquet, ribbon cutting, seminar, party or even a trade show, we have the location experience to handle any photographic assignment. Photographic Images has an extensive collection of photographic lighting equipment and props to meet the needs of almost any client. We can even print and deliver the photographs at your event! "Itís more than just an image" itís your event!

Commercial & Industrial Photography Commercial & Industrial Photography

If you want to make a good first impression with you companies brochure, sign, web site, or presentation, you need it to look good. Not only the layout and graphics, but the photographs as well. You have gone to a lot of work putting it all together, to put your best foot forward, now itís time to have Photographic Images put the finishing touches on it with professional looking photographs. We are highly experience with product, advertising, architectural and food photography. And when it comes to research photography macro photography, ultra-violet, infrared and high speed or high speed ballistic, Photographic Images is here to help. We can solve problems that others canít. "Itís more then just an image" itís the answer!

Photo Restoration and Printing Photo Restoration and Printing

If you would like to have that old photo of great grandmother Jane restored or need the one of cousin Fred in the civil war copied, because every one the family wants it, Photographic Images is the place to go. Even the odd sized negative that no one seems to know what it is or where to get it printed. We can do it! We have extensive facilities to work on old photographs right here in our own studio. "Itís more then just an image" itís your history!

Family Reunions Family Reunions

Whether your reunion is just a few or over 160 people, we have done it. Whether it be in the studio or on location with our portable lighting equipment. We have the creativity, experience and equipment to get the job done. For families, we know it hard to get together to look at the proofs, so we have created our electronic proofing system. The next day we can up load the proofs to a special section of our website, so you can download them and view them as a group or when you return home. Then your entire family can be looking at the same set of proofs, at the same time, as you talk about them on the phone. Each family can place individual orders or you can take advantage special pricing and place a group order. Remember itís more then just images! Itís your memories!

School and Group Reunions School and Group Reunions

Reunions are a special time, itís a time when you see old friends and renew acquaintances. Itís a time for memories! To help keep those memories alive, Photographic Images provides reunion photographic services. Wether your reunion has just a few or over 100 people, we have done it. We have the creativity, experience and all the location risers and lighting equipment to get the job done. With the proper coordination, we can photograph your group, typeset their names into the image with a group logo and name, print the finished photograph, and deliver them to you by the end of your reunion. Saving you the hassle of wrong addresses, lost prints, postage and time.