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Quentin GardnerPhotographic Images was started in January of 1981 by Quentin Gardner, Jr. after completing all of the photography classes offered by the local college and in a short time it became apparent to him that completing all of the collage level classes in photography was not enough to produce professional photography. So, he decided to attend Brooks Institute of Photography to get some true professional photography training.

While at Brooks he continued to work as a photographer having several photographs published in magazines, news papers and brochures for various companies and other publications. This was in addition to achieving the honors role seven times for superior work and then at graduation receiving the departmental honors award for his accomplishments. This was the first time that the departmental honors award was given out in over three years.

After 14 years of photography in the San Diego, Quentin moved his photography studio to Logan. While in San Diego, Quentin completed numerous assignments for publications, companies, environmental portraits for countless people and families as well as photographing hundreds of weddings for people of all faiths, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Jewish, LDS, Non-Denominational and including your nice simple backyard wedding by the local judge. Just to name a few. Making Quentin the most widely experienced photographer in Cache Valley.

Even today, Quentin is the only photographer in the Cache Valley area that has extended degrees in photography and continues to work as a full time photographer; producing photography of superior quality for individuals, families and various companies and publications.

You can contact him Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm (Saturday by Appointment Only) at:

Photographic Images
80 East Center Street
Logan, Utah 84321